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emaddenemadden Posts: 2,431
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I must admit... I always wondered what that noise was I could hear on the TV at the Belgian races, and some Italian races... the tune.. "ba, ba, ba baaaa Rooo--daaannn--eee-aaah"... always at the end of the race.

So I just read "Belgian Hammer" and there are a few lines in there that has explained: Swiss Watch maker Rodania sponsors the race lead car and that tune is pumped out over and over again... Its an institution in Belgium - apparently.

Probably makes an alternative ringtone (albeit annoying) to the Channel 4 Tour De France Team tune, or the Team Car Claxon

But, I'd hate to be the guy having to drive that car for 6 hours!

Apparently, this started in 1954... and its still the same tune!

The Car in Races: ... re=related ... re=related

Maybe for conversion to an annoying ring tone :-) :


  • DoobzDoobz Posts: 2,800
    ha, clicked on the youtube link and had the speakers on. 5 year old daughter tells me to turn it off because it gives her the creeps..
  • deejaydeejay Posts: 3,138
    Well, well, I always thought they were Belgian Watches with the main sales office in Brussels.

    The infernal noise is a good tell tale when dashing around Belgian Flanders to hear it across the fields and know where the head of the race is.
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