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frayed gear cable

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hi to all on this wonderful site , previously i have just voyeured on here but now is time for my 1st post/question on here :) , i purchased a giant rapid 1 off wiggle last month (during big sale )and have used it on no more than a dozen occasions ( about 100miles) and today i went to clean and re lube her and noticed that gear cable by front drailleur is frayed badly to a couple of threads left(was ok at last weeks clean) , what might cause this ? although i am purely a "amateur commuter"and not a lycra clad lad i have been commuting 5 mile each way to work for last three years on previous fcr1 and not encountered this before , also notice slight click rythmic noise when pedalling from crank area which never had on previous bike , thanks in advance for any help that might be offered , paul


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    Sounds like your crank is catching the cable in a certain gear.
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