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Question on cones....

optimisticbikeroptimisticbiker Posts: 1,657
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So, as recounted elsewhere, I found my rear hub had oodles of play and the cone on the drive side was very loose. On inspection the cone's bearing surface was corroded so I cleaned it up, and re-adjusted the cones, but taking out the play correctly as per Park tool website meant for a very notchcy, and tight, bearing - riding it felt like riding through treacle...... loosen off til it runs smoothly means 2mm play and a lot of rumbling noises. At first I thought it was just the cone was damaged, but today, having replaced it, there is still some notchyness there, tho not as bad. So I guess the bearing surface in the freewheel hub and/or the balls are damaged too, unless someone can say whether this is normal. Loathe to get a new hub until I am sure its really foobar'd.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Not normal, take the balls out and clean them up, you may find some are marked where they have skidded, they only cost pennies.

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  • Yes, already did so. Evans *gave* me a cone and locknut from their spares box, no charge, but had no balls in stock... I'll see if Halfords have some tomorrow. Hoping its not the hub though, although the surface looks ok...
    Invacare Spectra Plus electric wheelchair, max speed 4mph :cry:
  • Follow up: got some Weldtite balls when i was up't north earlier in week, popped into All Terrain bikes in Saltaire (nice place, recommend a visit to the Hockney exhibition on the same site as well). Finally found time to strip the hub down again, completely degrease and clean it up. This time removed the seal so I could get a better look at the inner bearing surface of the freehub, which was slightly corroded but managed to clean it up fairly well with some emery and a jewellers screwdriver. Regreased and added new balls as the existing ones were badly scored. Result is a much more freely rotating hub but found there still some notchyness; if i adjust play out in one plane I find there is still play at some point in the rotation and if I adjust it out all the way round then the bearing is tight in one spot. So will have to replace at some point, but for now the play is less than 0.5mm at the wheel rim which is much much better than before and it spins pretty quietly. So will do for now.
    Invacare Spectra Plus electric wheelchair, max speed 4mph :cry:
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