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Oi, Mrs Aggie

AggieboyAggieboy Posts: 3,996
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"There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world, t'would be a pity to damage yours."


  • Very good. Haven't heard 'Santa Claus you c*nt...' for a long time. Anyway - here is my contribution to the festivities...

    Twelve Days of Christmas.

    12 [email protected]
    11 Letchers letching
    10 Tattered testicles
    9 Knawed-off nipples
    8 Aching ar5eholes
    7 Syphiltics
    6 Convicted vicars
    5 Brownnnn rings
    4 Sh1thouse doors
    3 Hairy wh0res
    2 Pairs of drawers
    And a Pamphlet on VD...

    Ho Ho Ho!!!
    Visit Ireland - all of it! Cycle in Dublin and know fear!!
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