sportful survival jacket

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is the sportful survival jacket packable into a jersey pocket? anyone got one and what do u think of it?

2010 specialized allez
2011 specialized tarmac sl3 expert(cant wait for the good weather)


  • no one know about this jacket? anyother suggestions, looking the most protection possible from a jacket you cud take off if weather changed and stuff it in jersey pocket.

    2010 specialized allez
    2011 specialized tarmac sl3 expert(cant wait for the good weather)
  • Monty Dog
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    Bike Radar did a review and gave it 4 stars - available from for £150.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • lef
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    i ordered one from wiggle to try on. Looks and fits great (medium for 5'9' slim to medium build). I went for an endura stealth jacket (not as good looking but function before form!) in the end as this was more suitable for very cold and wet commutes which is what I had it in mind for.

    From having the sportful in my hand my thoughts were... probably has great wind protection, looked liked it would be very waterproof, if i remember correctly the inner seams were welded. Not so sure about the breathability, without wearing hard to tell. Colour not particularly visible in poor light and not much reflective elements either. I'm pretty sure this wouldn't fold up into a jersey pocket. For long cold rides I take a sportful hot pack with an assos 851 jersey or for when it looks like a downpour the endura stealth which is toasty warm and dry.
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    Ironic that they call it a survival jacket when it's black
    And designed for poor weather.

    Definitely not the best choice I reckon.
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    All the sportful stuff i've had have always been very good, but the sizing is a little difficult. I take Medium jerseys, but i had to buy an XL long sleeve jersey. (for instance i have a size medium altura ergofit long sleeve thermal jersey, but my sportful anakonda long sleeve thermal jersey is actually smaller than the altura even though it's a few sizes larger).

    Luckily my lbs stocks most of the range in most sizes, so i can try before i buy, but still, it's something to think about.
  • thanks for all the helpful comments.

    lef whats the hotpack like? had previously thought of it too.

    2010 specialized allez
    2011 specialized tarmac sl3 expert(cant wait for the good weather)
  • lef
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    hotpack is okay for average showers but it's not impervious to really heavy downpours. Folds down very small. Offers surprisingly good warmth. Not hugely breathable, after an hour of riding it will be a little damp on the inside but its not been a problem for me so far. I also have the gilet too. I have in white so it's quite visible they and look pretty good too.