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Zesty: Which Bars and Stem to Upgrade To?

Blue-WoodyBlue-Woody Posts: 2
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I've recently upgraded my Orange G3 hardtail to a Lapierre Zesty 514. It's obviously a quicker, smoother bike but I've been having real problems going downhill, particularly with twisty rocky descents. It's a slightly bigger bike because the Orange was a 17" frame and the Zesty's an 18". My mate's advice has been to get a shorter stem and get wider bars to get more control in the downhill sections.

Currently I've got:
Stem: LAPIERRE XM 31.8x80mm
Handlebars :LAPIERRE Rizer Pro 30x680 2011

I was thinking of getting a 50mm stem and 700mm bars but wasn't sure what rise to go for or how much difference it made. Just looking for some advice really



  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    50 mm with 710 or bigger...

    my hardtail 50mm stem 710mm bars
    my am.trail bike full susser 50mm stem 730mm bars
    dh/park bike 45mm stem 745 mm bars

    personally if your going for a 50mm stem i would go for around 710-7?? what ever you feel will suit you..

    i have

    and these bars on the hardtail ... elID=48999
    and these bar on the full susser ... elID=40598
  • I got a 50mm stem on my 160 mm travel bike. Used to have a 685mm bar on but changed to a nukeproof warhead bar. At 760mm it's much bigger and I find that I have more control on rocky downhill sections in the lakes.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Easton Havoc. 750mm. Available in carbon too and one of the strongest bars around.

    As for the rise, that all depends on you and the bike really. If the front is high you might find low rise bars are better, if the front is low you might like high rise to bring them up a little. Or you can go low rise and change the stem angle or height to achieve similar. Or your riding position might suit having more of a forward position and low rise is better, or if you're far forward already, high rise perhaps with a back sweep to encourage a rear position (especially with lower seat). What you ride makes a difference. More downhill and you may prefer a rear position, more XC and climbing and may prefer to be forward.

    Hard to say, it's a preference thing and just have to get what fits you. I'd see what you've got currently and think if you might benefit from a change in height. If it's fine as is, get something with the same rise.
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