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deleted rule abiding classified thread AGAIN.???

anchormananchorman Posts: 59
so i have a completely legal and rule abiding thread trying to sell my bike and its been deleted yet again.

no reason given, no corespondence.

the only reason i can see is its because i previously advertised it on here, but that thread is locked so i couldnt put my price drop in.

i even stated that there was another old advert to make my thread transparent, and asked clearly that if there was an issue let me know, im not trying to mess people around, or break rules..

im trying to sell a bike.. just like i have sold plenty of parts and bike son here before.

so? anyone want to shed any light?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Why is it locked?

    Because you have now removed the sale from this site and placed the advert on eBay.

    So your advert was removed as you already have an eBay link advert for it and the sale no comes under ebays terms.

    Read the rules and comply with them and you will not lose the adverts.
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