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So I have an 2009 specialized roubaix elite that uses the 7R frame. I've bought a load of components recently to upgrade based on a dura ace and ultegra mix (group, wheels and carbon bars etc) and now I'm thinking of a frame upgrade.

Has anyone ridden a like for like frameset and could articulate if its worth it and what tangible benefits they felt.

I 'm tempted by both the sl3 roubaix (11r carbon) and the sl4 tarmac framesets but its yet more money and I'm wondering just how much of a jump in performance/benefit those years in carbon layup and development actually make. I don't race and so if I'm honest the roubaix is a better fit re sportives and long rides but that being said I'm only 36 and have no back problems etc so maybe I should be tempted by the tour riders choice of the SL4.....maybe I should just keep what I've got!

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  • cougie
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    My mate bought the Tarmac. It's a lovely bike but it hasn't made
    him any faster than his other cheaper carbon bike.
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    My mate went up the roubaix warranty upgrade (cracked frames) from elite to sl3 to sworks. He says there's not much in it though he does now have internal di2 wiring ports.
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    I had a 8R Tarmac SL2 elite which I upgraded to a 10R SL3 Tarmac - I noticed the difference in that the bike climbed much easier and seemed to accelerate quicker - however, this could also be down to the fact that the SL2 had a heavier groupset plus of course the placebo effect!