lost the front wheel

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i was ride my bike today on the way home i went over a under ground cable it was metal cover i lost the front wheel i came off i ok but the bike is ok but i marked the right hand side shifters and mark my rear mech which are all 105 and handle bar tape how can i tell if my damage rear mech is small cage or medium cage.need to know save up get new parts order. any info please my bike is super six 105.not happy person how lost the front wheel


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    Yep, metal road covers are bad news in the wet. Don't worry, we've all done it.

    How badly damaged is the derailleur? Is it just cosmetic? These parts will tend to pick up dents and scratches anyway, particularly if you're riding a lot at this time of year; unless you're sure it's unuseable I would leave it as it is.

    PS I know nobody likes to have their grammar and punctuation corrected, but that was almost unreadable...
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    As above, if its cosmetic then these things happen and may well happen again before the winter is out. You could try some touch up paint to disguise the damage. If you're going to replace parts then best leave it till spring (other than the bar tape)
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    If you have a turbo you could pop it on that or, if not, just tip the bike over onto its saddle and click through the gears with one hand, whilst turning a pedal with the other, to see how it shifts. If it shifts ok then go out on a midweek 20 miler to see how you get on. You may be lucky and everything is ok (my 105 shifters got marked badly a couple of years ago when I ended up flying at a mini-roundabout after a distracted driver failed to look...no problems shifting whatsoever and I don't mind the odd mark on a bike, it's there to be ridden not stuck on a mantlepiece).
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    Lost the front wheel and the use of the English language too.

    If you ride over any obstacles in the road you want to hit them straight on. If you hit them
    at an angle then the wheel may slide.

    Hopefully it's all superficial damage.
  • If you do have to replace the rear gear the way to tell them apart is to measure the distance between the 2 jockey ( Pulley )wheels on the mech. From centre to centre of the pulley axles the short is approx 60mm and the medium cage 82mm.
  • cheers for the info for the rear mech.i check the distance between the 2 jockey in the morning.cheers for the info.merry xmas to all