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think i found the one.

bellysbellys Posts: 456
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Looking for a replacement after having both my HT and full sus stolen I'm only getting 1bike as replacement. ... _trail_slx and ... yId_165499
Iv owned a boardman team HT and it was a very good bike also I can get the boardman for £800 with discount.
Not sure what bike to get I know the on one with handle every thing the boardman will.
Iv been looking for a cpl of weeks and diff bikes and it's between the above too.
What one would you get and why.


  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    Hard to say. I love my 456C though.

    Similar specs, the Boardman will be heavier, but a bit more forgiving at the back end. As a trail centre ripper the On One is hard to beat I reckon. If you were doing longer, all day XC rides I'd maybe sway towards the Boardman.

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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I'm biased so I'd go for the C456 easily :D

    However, the kit is kind of similar. SLX vs X7, maybe the SLX though I'm no Shimano fan but the X7 doesn't get as good opinions as the X9 stuff it seems. I'd pick X9 over SLX but not sure about X7. Slightly bigger forks on the 456. Not sure how the Revelation compares to the Sektor though as don't know much about either. Head angle on the 456 may be slacker but not sure. SLX chainset is probably better than the FSA Comet, but the Elixir 3 is better than the Elixir 1.

    The 456 is also of course, carbon frame, and then the Boardman is a full sus and the 456 hard tail so very different bikes really.

    For the price of the 456 you could probably pick up a better full sus than that particular Boardman, e.g. ... e-ec024837 (just one example).

    Oh and I'd trust anyone other than Halfords (and supermarkets/Argos) to assemble the bike properly too ;).
  • bellysbellys Posts: 456
    thanks for replays i had a look at the boardman HT pro today think i might go for this as i can get it for £800 with discount so its a lot of bike for the money. ... o-11-45094
    must say its a very nice bike.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Looks good to me, and as the review says it looks like carbon.
  • bellysbellys Posts: 456
    yer nice looking bike.
  • andy46andy46 Posts: 1,666
    I'd be happy with that bike, having said that, I really like the Lapierre in the link above.
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