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Decent knee brace wanted??

GT_DaveGT_Dave Posts: 161
edited February 2012 in Health, fitness & training
:lol: Hi Guys,

To cut a long story short I tore my cruciate ligament about 10 years ago but believe it or not I didnt realise!

Consequently after years of problems i finally had it operated on a couple of years ago and then took up spinning as it was too painful to run, this led to cycling which led to a bad experiance with a road bike and then finally I discovered mountain biking which is relatively low impact and doesnt cause me too much pain but I do try and wear a knee brace as this really helps.

The problem I have is finding a decent brace that doesnt slip or ride up, ive tried several fairly cheap ones but to no avail, ive finally realised I might need to spend some brass!

Does anyone have similar problems or can you recommend a good brace? :?:

Thanks for your help,



  • Hiya, have a look a Donjoy, I think it's the 4titude. I have to wear a Donjoy Legend for life (torn mcl,pcl & mcl) but I'm given that one on the NHS each yr because of its water resistant properties as I mostly do watersports & it sticks to a neoprene wetsuit grand. However, for biking I wear my original brace (which i think is the 4titude) cos it has rubber bits at the hinge that have sticky out lumpy bits that stick to your knee much better. Wish they had them on the legend as I'm continuously adjusting it when not in neoprene!
  • Try this one, it's reasonably priced and I found after suffering with my knee for over 2 years it makes a massive difference to how long I can go before feeling pain and will actually reduce pain if I'm already hurting. also because of it's design it allows for a lot more movement than other braces which is good for cycling. ... 00_details
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