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So just look for some advice really off anyone that has bonts and how the sizing comes up against sidis, how they feel on your feet, specifically if you have wide feet and fairly collapsed arches.

I got some Sidis at the start of the year which are just far too tight width wise and the arch is a killer, and getting any insoles to fit the sidis is hell.

I'm size 43, checked on bonts site with the sizing guide which comes up as 43 also once I measured my feet. Read through as many reviews as possible, including the 37 pages on the WW forum about bonts but was hoping to hear from someone, anyone who has similar shaped feet (wide and flat) as me and bonts and know how you got on with them.

LBS did stock them but no one bought them so they've said they can order in a pair for me but I have to know what size I want and sigma sport do stock them but they don't know which sizes they have in the warehouse so ideally i'd like to talk to someone with first hand experience (with the shoes not the shop) before heading up there.



  • I wear a 45 sidi and a 45 bont, Bonts are just slightly smaller than sidi's but as a shoe they are a step up, If you get the right size they are fantastic, Amazing shoes.
  • My feet are pretty wide as well.
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    I wear a 44 shimano shoe and have 43 bonts.
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    Make sure you don't commit to buying before trying on the BONTS as they have a little bit unusual fit to them compared to most other brands. I have wide/flat feet and found them to feel very odd and uncomfortable but of course may be like heaven for you. BONTS just seem to have more of a love/hate reaction to them than most.
  • Here's how I got the correct Bont cycling shoe size the first time (ordered 1 pair online).

    I GOT LUCKY! HA!! Maybe so.

    In 12.2013, I went from men's Shimano R132 41.0 to Bonts (CCT-1). My Shimanos fit me just fine. No complaints. Fit was perfect (in summer and thick, winter socks). Had about 5mm from my longest toe to the end of the shoe (inside). I just wanted to try something new. I have medium arches. Medium width feet but my foot volume is rather large. At times I can wear a wide width shoe, e.g. my Brooks running shoes with green Superfeet. I used yellow Superfeet and eSoles Supportive in my Shimanos. I wear a men's 8 US Brooks and New Balance running shoe. I wear a men's standard width Sidi Genius (~2007 model) 41.0 (in their winter boot, I have a 42.0 -- you size up for it for thick sock wearing so it fits me perfectly).

    Following Bont's sizing instructions, I got a 254mm foot length and 100mm width. Per Bont's advice with the size chart, I sized up one size (from 40.5 to 41.0). That got me to a size men's 41.0 standard width. Length wise the Bont 41.0 fits exactly like Sidi and Shimano 41.0s for me. Width wise, I'm happy. I do feel I'm right there on the edge of needing a wide. I think the standard is the best for me with Bont considering the big picture of my foot fit in the shoe.

    Advice for others? Know your feet. Know what you like. Bont's sizing chart does not give you advice based on your foot volume. You'll have to know your volume type and adjust accordingly. Same goes for using other insoles or thick socks in the winter or if your size shrinks or swells based on whether it is summer or winter. If you want more than 2-4mm to the end of the inside of the shoe, then order accordingly. Also realize a Sidi 44.0 may not equal a Shimano 44.0 which may not equal a Bont 44.0. I can only tell you they are equal based on the three 41.0 shoes I have experience with above. If you happen to know how to measure the shoe last of your correctly sized cycling shoe, order that Bont size, e.g. last = 250mm order Bont 40.0.