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Stolen: Specialized Hardrock A1 Comp (1999/2000 model)

edited December 2011 in MTB stolen
My bike was stolen from central Bristol (BS1) while I was at a funeral in the first week of December 2011. The bike has huge sentimental value as well. Any leads would make my year. Thank you :D

Bike details:
Type: Mountain bike
Make: Specialized Hardrock Comp
Frame: rigid forks and hardtail (no suspension front or rear)
Size: 21 inch (possibly a 19 inch)
Colour: Black, grey with red line lines
Year of manufacture: 1999/2000

Distinctive traits of bike:
- old-style non-suspension forks (a couple of small rust scratches)
- ripped original black saddle cover
- front derailleur removed a couple of weeks ago (though a new one may have been put on by thieves)
- gear indicator number panel smashed on one side from an old accident
- special longer than normal handlebar stem
- strapless pedal toe buckets

Accessories perhaps no longer on bike:
- Crud catcher black front and rear mudguards (the rear one has remnants of brown packing tape on it)
- CatEye front and rear led lights
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