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Looking for a bike for my 9 year old son who is growing quickly so don't want to spend a fortune on something that's only going to last max 18 months, looked at the usual Halfords etc & apart from Carrera they are poor. I have seen decathlon btwin at around £109 & giant mtx at £150, anyone got any experience or advice they could give on either of these please


  • I bought Decathlon road bike for my 8 year old nephew. It was £199 so may be different to the one you were looking at. Its a nice little bike for the money and its got things like stem mounted gear lever, and brake extensions you pull from the tops so good for someone that age where getting them to cycle confidently in a straight line is the first objective. A friend has one for his daughter which is wehre I saw it first and he's very happy with it. I had considered an Isalbike but it was a lot more expensive,
  • Thanks for that it's. More of a hybrid/MTB I was looking at so he can do canal tow paths etc, but wasn't sure what quality decathlon were, they sound ok so will go through to Sheffield Sunday & take a look, aiming to move him to small or xs road bike once he's more confident
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    My son (9) rides a Decathlon mtb (style) & it's fine. We've used it round Haldon Forest & other mild off road trails & has stood up well. I would certainly go back there for his next bike.
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  • Thanks Rich, went to Sheffield store today & the staff didn't inspire me with confidence & customer care was to say the least lacking, which is not what I had expected, left there & went to JE James who were much better, so ended up buying Giant MTX from them, worth the extra few quid from todays experience.
    I did like the look of the smaller btwin raod bikes though & may look at one of the extra small frames in a year or so & buy online, that way he can get out on the roads for a real blast with me & get away from the wife & his sisters for a few hours :)