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Kinesis T2 single speed build

Kinetic85Kinetic85 Posts: 211
edited January 2012 in Your road bikes
Thought I'd share my first road bike build to be with you guys, since quitting XC last year.







The frame which just arrived (been waiting a whole year for it)



Frame: Kinesis T2 51cm
Forks: Kinesis 7005 Alloy Trainer Fork.
Bars: Deda Piega
Stem: Deda Logo
Headset: FSA Headset.
Bar Tape: Lizard Skins DSP Bar Tape. (Black)

Front Brake Lever: Tektro RL520
Front Caliper: Tektro R538
Rear Brake Lever: Tektro RL520
Rear Caliper: Tektro R538

Shifters: N/A
Cables: Unknown.
Front Mech: N/A
Rear Mech: DMR STS Chain Tensioner

Seat: Sportourer Zoo Gel Flow Saddle.
Seat Post: RaceFace Ride XC
Seat Post Clamp: Cove seat clamp.

Cranks: FSA Vero.
Chainring(s): FSA.
Chain: SRAM PC1 Nickel Single Speed Chain
Cassette: 16t sprocket.
Pedals: Wellgo 964 with toe clips.
Bottom Bracket: Neco 68-110mm

Front Wheel: Shimano WH R501
Tube: Kenda
Tire: Continental GP4000 23c

Back Wheel: Shimano WH R501
Tube: Kenda
Tire:Continental GP4000 23c


Weight: (Approx) 8.1kilos

Other info: It will be ready by spring summer 2012.

I will keep the thread updated with the build as I get more parts.


  • jomojjomoj Posts: 777
    Hello. T2 owner here :) I suspect your brakes may not fit, mudguard clearance is not the issue, its the distance from the brake mount to the rim that counts. That's why you need longer drop calipers but they might just reach at he extreme ...

    One other point - if you are running a single ring then you need something to stop the chain coming off, either a chainguide or a chainring guard and catcher. I've got a single on my Cx bike so will post a pic of my setup for reference
  • Hi Jomoj, good to see another T2 owner :). I knew my bike shop were wrong! I told them I needed long drop, but they insisted that the Apex would fit, so being silly, I bought them, and no doubt I won't get a refund. :(

    On the note of a chain guide, I am getting a Superstar one as I'm on a budget. I'm either getting Veloce or SRAM Apex group set for the bike too. Just need to decide between the two.

    Will these brakes fit my T2?
  • jomojjomoj Posts: 777
    yes the miche brakes will fit. Other long drop calipers are the Tektro R538/9 and Shimano BR-450/650 but the miche are probably the cheapest.
    Superstar chainguide looks good for the job, I fitted an outer chainguard and dog-fang on the inside and it works a treat.

    What gear range are you going for? I have a 36T c'ring and 11-28 9 speed cassette and it's fine for commuting and racing the odd bit of CX. You can top out on the downhills but the 36-11 gear is good for pedalling at 25mph so I don't miss the big gears that much. As a contrast, my T2 has a 52/39/30 triple with a 12-28 cassette which is good for pretty much anything.

    regarding your groupset choice - obviously it's a matter of choice but if you are running a single then with Apex you are paying a lot of cash for an unused left hand shift lever, although it will give you the option to convert to a double if you choose.
  • I'll be running 11-25t for my cassette.

    Apex - I'm not 100% set on that yet. I may go for Veloce as I found the brake/shifters twice as cheap and new.

    Tried getting a refund but they refused to give me one, so I have to sell the brakes as used now!
  • Decided to go single speed now. :idea:
  • Planned spec added...
  • PseudonymPseudonym Posts: 1,032
    just wondering why you have taped the bars before fitting the levers - or am I missing something..?
  • This was from ages ago. I was going to run CX levers but changed my mind. The bars are unwrapped now!

  • b16 b3nb16 b3n Posts: 301
    Hi, how much was this and where did you purchase it from? cheers
  • b16 b3n wrote:
    Hi, how much was this and where did you purchase it from? cheers

    I bought it from my local bike shop.

    You could order from a few British stores too, I'd suggest the below one out of them all:
  • Temporary seatpost, new Deda logo stem, bars will be on their way next week :D

  • sturmeysturmey Posts: 964
    Being as this is a road bike and not the off-road type machine you're used to you might want to consider fitting a longer stem than the one you have.A longer stem WILL a)look much better, b) give better handling and c) probably make the bike fit you better(unless you bought a frame too big for you of course)
    Stems as short as yours are for MTB'ers only. Not for road bikes.
  • Reason being is my Viking is 52cm with 40mm stem and my T2 is 51cm. I find the Viking comfortable, so assume that a 60mm stem will make it comparable to the Viking. If it doesn't feel good, or I don't get along with it (which I doubt will happen) I can easily buy a new one!
  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    Kinetic85 wrote:
    Reason being is my Viking is 52cm with 40mm stem and my T2 is 51cm. I find the Viking comfortable, so assume that a 60mm stem will make it comparable to the Viking. If it doesn't feel good, or I don't get along with it (which I doubt will happen) I can easily buy a new one!

    Measure/compare the top tube lengths, that'll help decide the stem length.
    Start with a budget, finish with a mortgage!
  • Thanks for the tip, it works out to be 60mm.
  • Just a mock up build. The wheels are from my Viking retro bike.

  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 9,543
    I genuinely think that if calculating bike fit gives a 60mm stem, then the frame may well be too big. In my experience, most folk have stems in the 90mm-120mm range on their roadbike. 60mm is short.

    I'm not having a dig, just offering my opinion.

    That's a lovely frame, btw.

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  • sturmeysturmey Posts: 964
    I was trying to say the same thing about stem length. I think though that riders who make the switch from mtb to road bike find it hard to adjust to being 'stretched out' in their reach to the bars and go for a shorter reach than is right for them. I would be amazed if the OP sticks with such a short stem if he becomes a regular roadie-unless,as we have suggested, his frame is way too big for him.
  • Kinetic85Kinetic85 Posts: 211
    Cheers guys. I'm riding a retro road bike which is 52cm with a 40mm stem, it feels fine for me.

    This is why I chose a 60mm stem for my 51cm (Kinesis) When I did the mock up, I sat on the bike and it felt perfect.

    However, if I find that I can't get along with the 60mm stem, I'll sell/trade it for another Deda stem. :wink:
  • andy46andy46 Posts: 1,666
    I am a lot more stretched out now than I was on my first road bike. I ended up getting a bike the wrong size coming from mtb as I just didn't know what felt right. Now I've got my new bike I've gone from a 52cm Trek to a 55cm Forme.

    I know 3cm doesn't sound much but its made a huge difference.

    Looks like it's going to be a nice bike when complete.
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  • sturmeysturmey Posts: 964
    Obviously stick with what's comfy and best for you. :wink:
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