that sinking feeling....

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just about to go out for a spin on bike with freshly shining, clean, degreased rear cassette.

tidying tools away and guess what i found? a gear ring spacer.......grrrrrrrrrrrr


  • Ahhh - so you saved all those bits - LOL
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  • I thought you were going to say 'when your newly built wheel collapses'! :P
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    MTFU! Stop sulking over a two minute delay! :lol:
    Faster than a tent.......
  • PBo
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    I thought you were going to say 'when your newly built wheel collapses'! :P

    Not yet!

    But I'll post when it does.....!
  • PBo
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    well, i now hope that the wheel does collapse as my bike has been knicked....... :(
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    Shoot!! (or similar) Really sorry to hear that. Have you posted on stolen bikes? Stick a thread on here too. The more people you tell there is a slightly better chance someone will see it or hear something. All the usual stuff, watch Ebay, Gumtree and everything else.
    Find it, catch the little feckers and burn them at the stake. I hope the wheel failed and they have a broken spoke up their aris.
    There is hope. My bike got nicked and I got it back 6 weeks later. Found it on Ebay.
  • PBo
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    thanks veronese, yes I've been trawling ebay and gumtree.

    good point though - I should post a description.

    grey carrera gryphon flat bar road bike
    mechanical disc brakes
    bar ends
    crud road racer 2 mudguards
    rear rack - can't remember make, but got one of those springy clip things.
    fitting for a cateye front light.
    wired up for trek cycle computer - a cadence one, so double wires and sensors.
    spesh BG saddle

    Stolen friday 16th december, between 1 and 6pm from wood green shopping city, north london.
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    Sympathy - hope the ba*tard dies in a cellar full of rats