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Merida Matts 40-d COVENTRY

edited January 2012 in MTB stolen
I got my MERIDA MATTS 40-D stolen in december 1st. From herald avenue, coventry business park.
Bike looks the same as in pic, just has white mudguards and clipples pedals on it, but they might be removed. I think this is very rare bike in Coventry, so if you will see it or have any information, please tell me. Thank you.


  • Reviving thread with some info.
    I found my bike, now waiting till police will call me, so I would recognize my bike and take it back where it belongs.
    Also there was other Merida stolen that day and time, from same place. So I found it first and now just after one month I found mine.
    Anyone who is looking for theyr stolen bikes, DONT GIVE UP !
  • Today got my bike back ! :))) Ready to hit the roads !
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