What Bike? £3,000 - £3,500 What Groupset?

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Regular reader, first time poster, with a "What Bike" question! I am looking to treat myself to something new and shiny (budget £3,000 - £3,500) after riding my Specialised Allez (with upgraded Fulcrum 3 wheels) for the last few years.

I compete in Triathlons, and do regular Sunday rides with the Triathlon club. I will be racing short distances this year, and Ironman in 2013 so will almost definitely need a tri-bike then so wondering about holding off on this? I also do a few sportives / audax's throughout the year.

This has lead me down to a few bikes, most have waiting times, but I don't plan on using the bike until May next year anyway (running London Marathon in April :-)

A) Cervelo R3 (Road bike - not cheap, but get excellent reviews - possibly a bit reluctant as everyone in the club seems to have them, and they are REALLY expensive and think I will have to upgrade parts later)
http://www.royles.biz/product/7068/Cerv ... Black_2011
B) Canyon Aeroad (Aero bike - comes with Dura-ace+Cosmic Carbone SL's or Ultegra Di2+Cosmic Elites)
C) Canyon Ultimate CF SLX (Road bike - Durace or SRAM Red both with Mavic R-SYS SL's)
D) Planet X N2A / Sarto (Aero-bike SRAM Red)
http://road.cc/content/news/48133-exclu ... anet-x-n2a
E) Specialised SL3 / SL4 (Road bike can get 10% off from Triclub membership - SRAM Red Fulcrum 4's but think I will have to upgrade most parts later)
http://www.specialized.com/gb/gb/bc/SBC ... cname=Road
http://www.specialized.com/gb/gb/bc/SBC ... cname=Road
Something completely different?

I am getting a bike fit from bikedynamics.co.uk for a Christmas present, so hopefully this should help with making some decisions regarding fit etc - it maybe that none of these will fit well, but am happy to waiting to see).

Finally any thoughts on Dura-ace vs Ultegra Di2 vs SRAM Red? I currently have Tiagra, but happy to try something different, but probably not Campagnolo.

Any thoughts appreciated!


  • That Planet X is Fugly. Any of those frames with sram red black and Mavic SLR/ R-sys wheels
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • Assuming you are going down the route of road bike for Tri, then I would think about:

    - A road bike with a steepish ST (say 74o min in medium sizing) and a standard seatpost arrangement, allowing you to use a zero setback post if required

    - A bike that does not have a huge headtube as you want to be able to get low for Tri.

    - Electric shifting - having electronic shift buttons on the aero bars would be a big advantage vs. using standard Ergos/STIs in Tri. so think about Ultegra if funds allow.

    Ideally an aero frame too, though that is secondary to all of the above.
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    What ironman are you doing ?

    Seems to me that you need two bikes. One tt bike for the triathlons. One road bike for the Sunday runs and sportifs.
    Your budget would allow a decent bike for each.

    No measurable benefit in dura ace over ultegra I reckon so save your money there.