Changing a solid rear axle to a hollow for QR

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My Google-Fu is weak- can anyone point me to a workshop page/ article on what I might expect if I attempt to swap a solid axle for a hollow on an old Saracen Blizzard? I have a few general tools, but few bike-specific ones. Wheel is 26" with 8 cog cassette. I appreciate that I'll have to measure the drop-out distance & get an appropriate-sized hollow axle from LBS/internet.

(Since the bike is barely worth £30, it's not a job for LBS, but I'd like to make it easier for puncture repair when out.)

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  • As long as you get an appropriately sized axle, I don't see any issue you will run into. Should just be a case of undoing the cones and matching lock nuts, and placing them as they came off onto the new QR axle. Torque cones and lock them in place, jobs a good'un.
    The only thing I can think that might go wrong is if the new axle used a differing thread to the old axle, in which case the cones/nuts would not fit onto the new axle. But as long as both are shimano deals, they should match.

    Shelden Brown ofc has a page to help:
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    Thanks, but will I need a cassette removal tool and/or chain-whip doo-hickey?
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  • no, cassette can stay in place for axle removal.