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stage racing 2012 calendar

epiccyclistepiccyclist Posts: 7
edited December 2011 in XC and Enduro
Most of the worlds stage races
With links

Trans Andes challenge, Chile, January 23-2012
Alpine Epic, New Zealand, February ?
Terra Australis mtb epic, Australia, February 5-2012
Andalucia bike race, Spain, February 26-2012
Yak attack, Nepal, March 3-2012
Biker Trophy, Tunisia, March 11-2012
Cape epic South Africa, March 25-2012
Titan desert, Morocco, April 29-2012
Trans Portugal, Portugal, May 5-2012
Raid vtt, France, May 17-2012
Rally Di Romagna, Italy, May 19-2012
Trans Sylvania epic, USA, May 27-2012
Alpentour trophy, Austria, May 31-2021
Trans Germany, Germany, June 6-2012
Mtb trophy, Poland, June 7-2012
Rally di Sardegna, Italy, June 10-2012
Tour Divide, Canada/USA, June 10-2012
Furious3, Canada, June 30-2012
BC bike race, Canada, June 30-2012
Trans Pyr, Spain, June 30-2012
Trans Czech Slovakia, Czechoslovakia/Slovakia, July 1-2012
Trans Tirol bike rallye, Austria, July 7-2012
Trans Baikal, Russia, July ?-2012
Trans Alps, Germany/Switzerland etc..., July 14-2012
Off road Finnmark, Norway, July 20-2012
Iron bike, Italy, July 21-2012
Bike Challenge, Poland, July 22-2012
Trans Rockies, Canada, July 28-2012
Mongolia bike challenge, Mongolia, July 28-2012
Trans Maurienne, France, August 1-2012
Trans Wales, UK, August ?
Breck epic, USA, August 12-2012
Trans Schwarzwald, Germany, August 15-2012
Mountain rally, Switzerland, August 19-2012
Furious3, Canada, August 24-2012
Crank the shield, Canada, September 14-2012
Pisgah stage race, USA, September 17-2012
Trans Provence, France, September 22-2012
Brasil ride, Brasil, September 23-2012
Furious3, USA, September 29-2012
Crocodile trophy, Australia, October 20-2012
La ruta de los Conquistadores, Costa Rica, November

If I missed any let me know


  • TimB34TimB34 Posts: 316
    Good list!

    You don't fancy doing one for one day/marathon type events do you (Grand Raid Cristalp, Transvesubienne, etc etc) ??
  • I would, but it's just to much on my own... I actualy participate in many one day marathons here in BC/US West coast. If any one wants to submit a story about a race or ride, feel free to send me one and I may post it.
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