cheap Powder coating in London

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hi all,

Does anybody here know any cheap Powder coating service in London. i wanted to powder my frame set for a winter bike built. any info will be appreciated. thanks


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    I know of one in Essex:
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    Just had an inbred done at Armourtex, very, very good job c£79 for frame and forks witha clear lacquer coat. Good quality paint, good colours and all the threads were clean as a whistle afterwards - and i didn't have to do any masking.

    Few years ago used these
    cheap, about £30 iirc but nowhere near as good a finish
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    Thanks for the reply guys! really appreciate it.

    ive heard about armourtex before and they really have a good reputation in terms of quality workmanship and im sure £80 is well worth it. but im not really after a very good powder coat because im just building an everyday bike that i can just park anywhere and not worry about it getting scratched so i will probably go for the cheaper option for now.

    thanks again for the info
  • Maldon Shot blasting & Powder Coating have a regular precession of high-end steel and aluminium framesets pass through their doors on a weekly basis. Being a project finisher, they have various blast medias at their disposal so as to leave surfaces clean without pitting or damage and will correct minor imperfections on-site. Cost of refinishing will depend on the colour and any remedial works but typically £55 (inc VAT) for a single colour effect with a zinc-chromate primer.

    Give Trevor a ring on (01621 841 100)