The work xmas party!

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It's that time of year again folks when we all drink too much & in some cases, say too much. Our team had ours the other day & i apparently got absurdly upset because i didn't know where my coat was & then declared my love to someone i really shouldn't have.

Just wondering what other comedy/tragic tales you have to share...don't be shy!


  • kev77
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    Have mine this saturday in chester, massive christmas shebang.

    I have warned the misses to watch her alchohol intake as well as my own, so fingers crossed we will be behaved!
  • cougie
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    Company cancelled our Xmas do with a weeks notice - so no hangover for me. Thanks company - you really DO care !
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    I've got mine next Thursday. Not looking forward to it. Cougie, get your ass to Preston and you can go as me if you like, but be aware I work with a bunch of tw@ts
  • Game on for me next week, can't wait. I'm a proper lightweight and usually get smashed after four pints. Will be a cheap night out anyway!
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    Mine's tonight, but we go out drinking most nights, so it's just a slightly different version of that.
  • It's down to the blokes to organise their own xmas do's at our place, so we don't bother, the last thing I need is some p1ssed up welder telling me how much they love me one minute, then several drinks later wanting to have a fight with me or whoever it may concern. :roll:

    I'll settle for a few drinks with proper close mates, those who I cycle with, watch football with, drink with at a weekend.
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    Got mine next Friday, all male office and only 6 of us so not too much danger - just got to behave when we end up in the Fantasy Lounge!
  • daviesee
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    Had ours last week.
    50 people - 4 Grand.
    80 quid a head and the food was only 25.
    Following on from there was a suspected one fight (fell down some stairs, honest) and a few guys thrown out and barred from a "gentlemans" club.
    Good night out with the boss picking up the tab. Sweet!
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  • I love Christmas with the family; The Works Xmas night out I haven`t done for`s full of people from work!!!
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    Looking forward to ours - we're off to Paris for lunch via the Eurostar (1st class 'natch). Apparently we even get spending money thrown in...

  • fossyant
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    Just out with a few close colleagues for a meal. Can't be bothered with the bigger 'do' - pain in the ass getting home at this time of year, and it means a public transport day - nah !
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    Worst. Day. Of. The. Year.
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    Being off work is sh*te because

    11. Xmas Party for one.

    quit with your jibber jabber and get out and enjoy yourselves.
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    I have mine tonight as well, I'm sure there will be plenty of ale flowing :)
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  • heavy night oout ended up getting jiggy with the Admin manager who was seperated from her husband but lived in same house. She 43 - me 22. It involved a back lane and Greggs the bakers.

    The gold old days of being single eh.

    She paid for weekend trips and everything for a while after that. Her daughter was same age as me.
  • sheffsimon
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    Next Friday night for me. Standard stuff, pub crawl round Sheff, then club/curry.

    Then another on 29th in Donny, daytime pub crawl, which I think is better, then last train home to Sheff in a tangle. :)
  • Had ours last month. For an office which shut down four years ago, it is rather nice that we still want to keep in touch.
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    A few beers, then I always end up in here every year....

  • anto164
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    I didn't go to ours..

    I don't really know many people, and even though it'd be a good way to meet people, it would've just been awkward.
  • iainf72
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    I never go these days as I don't enjoy them. And I've got enough a-hole in me to refuse to attend. Lots of people tell me they don't want to go but don't have it in them to decline.

    Funniest story (from one I did go to years / companies ago) was when a very attractive female trader asked one of the guys I knew if he'd like to go back to her hotel room because she "fancied a bit of rough". He declined.
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    I've 2 places I work and been invited to both xmas dos. Declined the 1st as firstly I can't really stand the people there and 2nd it's at a crap location.

    2nd more up my street all 'blue collar'. Booked the next day off think it'll be a messy night.