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Special Custom DMR Trailstar stolen in Gateshead

portland_billportland_bill Posts: 287
edited December 2011 in MTB stolen
Alright guys?

Two of my mates live together in Gateshead and some scrots helped themselves to their peds while they were both in the house too. One of them was just in the room next door but heard nothing and the other had just nipped upstairs to print a recipe off the internet and when he came back down their bikes had gone. They had obviously been watched for them to know the bikes were in there. :(

Anyway, descriptions are as follows:

Black limmited edition DMR Trailstar (frame No. 024) with Marzocchi DJs (2004). Its got white Formula k18 brakes, XT cranks, 9mm Superstar front Q/R with black Hope hub custom adapted to fit, on grey Mavic 321 rims. Unique Funn bars with the NPS winners logo laser etched on to them. The photo is of the actual frame.376381_10150412917211993_601971992_8800153_54342885_n.jpg

The other is a White GT Avalanche 2.0 as standard.390058_10150412916271993_601971992_8800152_998051154_n.jpg

Crime was reported to Northumbria Police on 6/12/11 so please if anyone has any info or sees the bike please let them know or text/call me on 07850023946. Even better if you could sit on the bastards until we get there and we'll make sure their bike thieving days are over. :x

There'll be a reward in it too if anyone can find them.
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