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Just been looking at the Blackburn Mutli Tools - any good? Other brands? Look like a good idea, but I have bought stuff before that looks like a good idea and isn't when you come to use it........... :roll: :lol:


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    No idea about Blackburn tools but I use Topeak. Hexus II for the commuting & road bikes and Alien II on the MTB. Never had to give them much abuse but they seem pretty well built and get good reviews.
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  • Not a multi tool per se, but I really like the colouring: "Pass me a 5mm" - "Err, the red one dear..." :) ... ctID=14502
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    I use a Lezyne 12, nice and light, all the bits work as they should, sorted!

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    I have the older version of this ... b-3-18827/
    brilliant tool, really good quality and the tools to fix most roadside mechanicals.
  • +1 for the Topeak :-)
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  • +1 for Topeak Hexus 2.
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    +1 topeak alien 2