Every crash in London today (06.12.2011)

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Continuing yesterdays theme of every fatality ever.

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    Mario and Pete Turns out the injured cyclist was knocked off his bike by a bus a few months ago. An ambulance has arrived and is now taking him to hospital. "Looks like he's got an open fracture or dislocation in his elbow," says Pete.

    Crikey - what was I saying about London? I didn't think things were this bad - you're all heartless bastards :lol:
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    Asprilla wrote:


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    Debabani and James have already been called out to the scene of a collision between a car and a cyclist. The cyclist, who wasn't wearing a helmet, has a swollen and bruised ankle. James, the paramedic, says the cyclist was lucky to escape without suffering any head injuries.

    Here's a good one for the helmet debate :-) Now without knowing the full circumstances it does seem as though something which injures your ankle may not necessarily be helped by the wearing of a helmet.

    Does anyone have any popcorn?
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    I tripped over my helmet when it was on the floor and broke my ankle.

    Nowadays I tuck it into my sock.

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