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Stolen Commencal 5.5.2 2008

law59law59 Posts: 2
edited December 2011 in MTB stolen
My black 2008 Commencal 5.5.2 was stolen today, distinctive with re SDG Aliso saddle and red a2z ti skewers and sporting rsp dual 400 lumen lights when nicked from works secure cage 9....they cut open the cage and cut the lock...hopefully covered by CCTV but doubt if it will actually help!

Stolen in Warwick, never seen another one in the if you see one let me know...many thanks

Hopefully covered by insurance but damn annoying all the same, especially since I just spent a load on it and spent 3 hours servicing ready for a days ride with a bunch of mates that I haven't been riding with for 16 years (amazing how reunions occur with the advent of Facebook!).
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