mavic cosmic elites - dont fit?!

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Im after abit of advice - Iv bought some mavic cosmic elites today and have got them home this eve with the intention of taking them for a test ride tomorrow, but....

I got them ready to go on the bike - tyres, cassette etc went to put them on, and the back one wont fit into the frame on the drive chain side? Am I been stupid or do wheels come in different sizes in terms of the axle that sits in the frame?

Iv had a few different bikes and wheelsets over the years and never had any issues with them fitting?!

If anyone could shine some light on my confusion id be grateful.



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    Road bikes take a wheels that's 130mm Over Lock Nuts - distance inside the frame. What is it that's preventing you from fitting the wheel? In some cases the small sprocket can foul the inside of the chainstay - you may need to fit a cassette with a smaller top sprocket.
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  • hi thanks for your reply,

    I dont think its the cassette, it seems to me as if the axle part that sits in the frame is too wide - it physically wont fit into the drive chain side on my bike, or my girlfriends. It looks as though the part that is too wide could be removed with a spanner maybe to expose a thinner part?? Im waiting for the bike shop to ring me back, and hopefully have the answer!

    I wasn't aware that frames came in different sizes there (where the gear hanger sits)
  • I don't want to state the obvious- but the conical spring is on the QR with the narrow end inboard isn't it?
  • yer I put the qr's in the right way!! panic over the lad who changed the freehub to campag put the axle back in the wrong way!? it fits now, but do you think this could of caused any damage? the hub hardly clicks now and the one in the shops really loud? or is this normal when changing to campag?