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hi all,
im converting an old al blue bike which was a team bike from a while back and has been in a mates shed. its alloy but obviously has no braze ons, question is do i go with this http://www.amazon.com/Topeak-BeamRack-B ... B000FICAKU which seems like a good rack, but the rx bag looks tiny! or try something with p clips? if so what bags do i want? i need to take a netbook, a few textbooks and some clothes/ shoes to uni.

i want to get the bits for xmas so i need to work out what i want soon!


  • Personally, I'd go for p-clips. I don't like the seatpost fitting racks, they affect the centre of gravity too much.
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    I never got on with my seatpost mounted bag. Not much room in it, couldn't swing my leg over the saddle easily.

    I commute on an old racer. I've got a rucksack I can get my trainers + tools into.