Sidas footbeds in Scotland?

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I'll be in the UK over Christmas based near Edinburgh and was looking for somewhere I could go to get a pair of Sidas footbeds fitted (these need to be moulded in a special machine in-store). I have a pair that have served me well over the past few years that were fitted in London by Cyclefit, but they are getting distinctly tatty and also I'm wearing a slightly different shoe size now.

Any places in the central belt that do these? If necessary I wouldn't mind taking the train for a day trip to somewhere (e.g. in the north of England) that's not too far away and also interesting to visit for other reasons.


  • You could get them in most of the ski shops in Edinburgh when I lived there and afaik the same soles are used for cycling as skiing. While since I lived there but I'm pretty sure that Blues and Nevis Sport did them and, I think, Tiso too. Might be worth checking some of the ski forums to see if there are views on where does them best - they cost a fair bit and a tech who doesn't do them frequently can really screw them up (whchthen screws up your feet, as I discovered to my cost).
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    Thanks, yes, I noticed when I did a search from the Sidas website that Blues, Nevis Sport and other Ski/Outdoor shops came up. That said, according to the Sidas website the products are different for different sports, I think the one I have currently is the "FlashFit Bike +". There are "FlashFits" for skiing but the soles themselves look to be different.

    I assume the machines used to get the foot imprint and mould the sole are the same however, so maybe they could do cycling ones too if you could get hold of the sole (or maybe they even stock them).