Calling all graphic designers...

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I'm looking for a simple outline diagram of a road bike (side view). It's to put on each one of my rental contracts to highlight any pre-existing damage, for example scratches. I can't find any suitable images on the web, despite a pretty intensive google image search. I'm not looking for a stock image/photo, but rather something like this, but obviously of a road bicycle:


Cliparts aren't any good as they're often solid colour (apart from that they look lame). Lots of outline type diagrams exist for frame-builders, patents, etc, but all of the ones I've come across so far have all the associated frame measurements...

Sort of like this, but with a bit more detail (shiftlevers, crankset mainly, doesn't have to show the spokes):


Can't have any brand markings either. With no rider. A fairly current road bike would be ideal (i.e. not a quill stem or leisure bike). Hopefully someone can help me out. :(