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Hello all, how we all doing.
I'm new to this forum and looking at getting back into montain bike riding, XC or maybe trails as i live just up the road from woburn sands. Use to do alot of riding when i was younger but sort of drifted away from it when pubs took
I am after a little advice as i am currently riding round on a Giant XTC SE which needs a little TLC bearings sorting and a general freshen up so was thinking about getting a new bike rather than lavish money on my XTC as im pretty sure the front forks aint the best.
Now the advice im after is are which bike would be ideal for me to get reaquiented with riding properly. At the moment im doing alot of road riding 20 miles on a saturday and sunday morning just to get my fitness levels back up but would idealy like to ride from my house to where id be riding, woburn sands, dunstable downs or sorounding areas so would need to be quite a versitile bike.
Not to sure on how much i am looking at spending but a couple of bikes that caught my eye were Trek ex7, Lapierre Spicy 216 but wasn't to sure if the rear suspension would cause me an isue riding on road and trying to get power down up hills... Would a hardtail be better for me?
Any advice would be great and thanks in advance for any info given


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    Most Full suspension bikes have some sort of lock out system for the forks and rear shock, best advice I can say is goto a bike shop (if possible) and test ride as many as possible to get a feel for it.
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    1mancity2 wrote:
    test ride as many as possible to get a feel for it.


    As far as rear suspension on road climbs goes, it favours the sit and spin method rather than the stand on the pedals bouncing technique. Off road it gives better traction climbing.
  • i tend to sit on climbs anyway while riding on the road. at what sort of price do full suspension bikes start to become worth while buying. i would of thought below £1000 the shocks and equipment might be a tad on the not so good side. would i get a better hard tail for less money or would a hard tail hinder me more on the rougher surfaces..
  • well i have taken the plunge and brought a Trek Top fuel 8 after riding a few others but liked the ride and feel of the trek.
    And what a difference a good bike makes to a ride. Only been out on a 14 mile ride with some light trails and road riding in between and it has made it feel effortless compared to my old bike.
    Now just need to find the time to fit in some proper trail riding.