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Paypal - If you're an Ebay seller you may as well give up!

bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 1,537
edited December 2011 in The bottom bracket
Need to rant here....

Sold a jersey on Ebay. New old stock Mapei-Quickstep. Put XL in the title. Put XL in the appropriate category in the listing form. Put XL again in the description. For good measure I also put the exact armpit-armpit measurement in my description of the jersey.

My returns policy is that I only accept returns if the item differs from the description.

Some F*cktard buys said jersey at auction and decides it's too small. Paypal "investigates" and decides that I have to accept the return of the item and give the buyer a full refund.

I spoke to Paypal tonight and apparently even if I'd had a "no returns" policy, the outcome would have been the same!

Essentially, buyers rule and sellers can get r*ped for all they care.

Rant over. :evil:


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