Do you lube a new bike?

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Hi just taken delivery of a new Cannondale Synapse 105. Do I need to lube it before I ride it? Is there anything else I need to check? Hopefully will take it for a quick spin tomorrow. Do you guys have any advice on enjoying the first ride on a new bike? :D


  • Monty Dog
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    New bikes should be assembled with approporiate applications of grease and lube. Likewise, chains do come with a waxy coating which is usually OK for the first few rides. However, you will need to consider cleaning and relubing after any wet or dirty ride.
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    Agree with Monty Dog.

    Everything should be fine for quite a distance, or until you do a wet/dirty ride.

    Assuming your bike shop has a check-up after a few weeks, have a chat with them about lubrication when you take it in. Beyond the chain (which needs to be done at least weekly if you're commuting on it 5 days a week, less so if you're only taking it out on the weekends - but every time after a wet ride), most other bits like brake pivots, derailleurs etc. don't take an awful lot of lubing. Headsets, bottom brackets - depends on the type - a lot of them (particularly bottom brackets) are fit and forget sealed units that don't need anything doing until they die and get replaced.

    As I said, have a chat with the bike shop when you take it back for it's one month service - for now, get out there and enjoy it!
  • Well I got a new bike delivered in the box recently. On assembly I checked everything that was pre built, and just lubed the chain and mechs before going out for a 40 miler :)

    Checked everything when I got back and it all checked out fine, so go ride and enjoy :wink:
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    If bought from a LBS, you should be fine. It should be ready to ride when you collect it.
    If buying from Halfords, completely strip down the entire bike and rebuild properly before you ride it.
    If buying of tinterweb, you'll probably need to lube the chain first.

    Don't rely on the sticky grease that the chain is covered in when you get it. It's packing grease, designed to inhibit corrosion, not to lubricate your chain. It'll be ok for a ride or two, but at this time of year, it'll be a black grinding paste in no time at all.
    Don't use WD40 (oh god, what have I done !?!!?). Whilst it is a lubricant, it's not designed for lubricating bike chains.

    Use a decent wet lube in the winter, I use Finish Line Cross Country (same as Finish Line Wet), and if you so desire, swap to a dry lube in the summer.
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    Lube your bolt heads too, or they'll rust.
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    Thanks for the advice. Just took it for a lunch time spin. Wow! I am five minutes faster than doing the same loop on my old giant OCR. Is this the bike or is it physiological ( new bike push harder syndrome!?)
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    Furrag wrote:
    Lube your bolt heads too, or they'll rust.

    That's what I keep telling the Mrs I'm doing !
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    I got a bike from Halfords and it was drier than an arabs sandle in the desert. Needed to completely strip it down and sort every thread and moving part on it. Worst thing was the lockring for the fixed gear was loose and rattling before I even used it!!!
    On the other side of the coin the Orbea I bought from Fatbirds at Hunstanton was beautifully prepared even though it was an ex demo bike.
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  • That's why I had mine delivered in the box :wink:

    Halfords didn't lay a finger on it :)