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Decathlon (B'Twin) inner tubes?

101_North101_North Posts: 607
edited December 2011 in MTB buying advice
Anyone have any experience of the Decathlon B'Twin inner tubes (26" Presta)? I need a few tubes in a hurry and was going to pick some up after work. It's either these or Halfords own brand.

Any info welcome.




  • I've got BTwin tubes in both my wheels, no problems at all. Probably been using them for best part of 12 months. Not noticably lost any pressure in that time, run pretty high pressures when commuting to work and only lower for off road stuff (and when switching tyres).

    I'd go with them again anyway.
  • Cool. Thanks for that. Only options are those or the Halfords ones which I thought had censored valves the last time I used them. Typically halfords have no Continetal tubes left in stock. I'll give the Decathlon ones a shot.


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