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Defy 2 or Trek 1.5 (2012)

earmonsterearmonster Posts: 6
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Hi there.

After months of negotiation, I have finally persuaded my work to sign up to a cycle to work scheme. During this time I have researched which bike would be best as a starter into the world of road bikes, and have come to the conlusion that the new 2012 Giant Defy 2 would be my best bet (Tiagra gears, pannier mounts etc).

However, having received the all important voucher to claim my new bike, I've discovered that the major Giant UK distributor can't get stock of Defy 2 bikes until March of next year. How crazy is that?

Anyway, not really wanting to wait 4 months to get my new bike, the store suggested that I look at the Trek 1.5 which seems to have pretty much identical features and can be in stock within 7 days.

I've not heard a lot about TREK, so was wondering whether anyone had an opinion on this?

Am I going to be disappointed if I opt for the Trek, rather than holding out for the Defy 2? Are there any major differences that I've missed? Or is the Trek just as good and a comparable option?

Link to Spec for Defy 2:

Link to Spec for Trek 1.5:
Thanks in advance.


  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    To quote the oft mentioned advice - go for the one that fits you best. Clearly though this may not be easy. Do you know anywhere that has the bikes in stock? Are you tied to one particular bike shop with your particular voucher or is it one of the large schemes that is accepted virtually everywhere? You could always order online if the later.
  • It's a shop specific voucher, and I can't find anywhere within 120 miles that has a Defy2 (in the right size) in stock, so my options are to get the trek or wait until march for the Giant. (I guess I could also look at the specialized allez elite for the same money, but that's probably to aggressive a frameset for my needs?).

    Anyone own or had experience of a 2012 trek?
  • KolrazKolraz Posts: 47
    I can't speak for the defy, but I have a Trek 1.5 and its a great bike for the money in my opinion. Never had any problems with it and everything I would of expected for the money :)
  • Same here. I have run a trek 1.5 triple since April and it has been nothing short of a joy to ride. Cant think of anything its direct competitors do that it cant do just as well.

    At the price point i would worry about how a bike feels to ride more than anything else
  • I have had a Defy 2 (2011 model) for about 3 months and am loving it. However I don't think there is much to choose between your options. I went for the Defy mainly due to the fact that it will fit proper mudguards (although only Giant specific ones) and came fitted with 25 width puncture resistant tyres. I thought that as I could only afford one bike (or so the wife told me) it was worth getting one that could be easily winterised. I have since discovered that the tyres were cak so have changed for Gatorskins anyway. and the rear mudguard broke and has been replaced under warranty.
  • The plot thickens...

    So I went to my LBS who stock the TREK 1.5 and told them the above story. The result being that they measured me up on both bikes (they had a 2011 defy in stock) and told me that in the giant range I'd actually suit a Medium rather than an M/L as I had previously been told.

    So I tried out both bikes and, TBH, couldn't really tell much difference - they both seem good bikes (except for the sora gears on the 2011 defy)

    The store my voucher is made out to do have the 2012 defy 2 in a medium, so I could go back there and get that one, but I've kinda lost confidence in them as it seems they don't really understand bike sizing.

    So the new question... do I go get the defy 2 in medium from the original store (even though they havent inspired confidence in me) or stick to my LBS (I can change the name on the voucher after all) and get the TREK?

    How has this become so complicated (story of my life).
  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    By the way, it'll not be that they don't understand bike sizing, but that they have a different view to the other shop.

    Everyone likes a fit of a bike different. Everyone fits a bike differently too.
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