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mr man brownmr man brown Posts: 5
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i'm new to the scene of single track biking even though i've been north wales once( time of my life) and bedgebury forest a few times also good times.
i'm just wondering about leith hill in surrey. does leith hill have marked routes? and does any body know of any good single track biking in the south of england with marked routes.
thank you


  • It's got Summer Lightning marked. Most of the good stuff isn't, though (like Barry Knows Best on nearby Holmbury Hill). Check the 'London Calling' thread in Rides, there's a bunch go around there most weekends. I mean to join in with them at some point as I think I spend too much time looking for trails and not enough riding them.
  • that's my plan, don't really want to be looking i just want to get on some good trails.
    thank you
  • tenfoottenfoot Posts: 226
    Check out sketchy mtb. They have a section of gps points & maps showing trails in the Surrey Hills.
  • thank you
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Surrey Hills only has one marked route, Summer Lightning (and the sign posts are falling down). Has two other officially built trails (BKB & Yoghurt Pots), and one natural one that is deemed official (Telegraph). Everything else is pretty much unofficial but there's tonnes of them and plenty of different stuff for everyone, even a little downhill in places.

    As said, London Calling thread there's a load of us who ride the area. Not a club, nothing formal, it's just a thread for anyone to post in to say when/where they're going somewhere around the area (once you wade through the chaff).

    Also, the little bike shop Pedal & Spoke in Peaslake village and also Nirvana Cycles in Westcott can give you pointers and mark some routes on a map. Nirvana do rides also (P&S sometimes I think too). There are many trails that are a bit cheeky or contentious so you won't find published and it's just easier to find people to hook up with who know the trails.

    Chances are you can just hook up with people out there anyway. Had a number of people just stop asking for directions and ended up coming with us (though one did end up in hospital! :D ).

    Also useful: ... _downs.php
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