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Best Road Tyres for Cycle Superhighways

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I'm still sporting a big bruise on my right shoulder after coming off my bike last week. I'm still not certain exactly why I fell - I was traveling in a straight line on a wet CS8 when a car turned left across my path I slowed down quicker than I would usually but not an emergency stop and before I knew it the bike was spinning out from under me. I was still a good 2m from the car when i hit the ground and the driver didn't hang around. I do blame driver as he overtook me and then immediately signalled left and moved into my lane.

However, I've commuted this route for nearly 10 years and have had similar incidents before but never lost control of the bike. Are these blue highways more slippery than the old road surface - especially in the wet? I use rubino pros (not slick) and have not had a problem before even in the wet. Reading up online I understand that tyre tread isn't necessary for road bikes even in the wet but I think I'm going to need a new tyre for the superhighways - what do you recommend/advise?


  • your probably just unlucky, tyres are likely to be fine.

    wider tyres will put give a bigger contact patch, and soft compound tyres will make the most of the contact patch, though road tyres do not willingly give out details, unlike MTB where your barraged by compound, ply etc...

    fast race tyres are likely to be the stickiest but rather fairy prone in the winter.

    for what it's worth I've not found CS8 slippery in the wet.
  • Thanks Roger - maybe I was unlucky leaves, oil on the road etc. But I've since noticed the blue road surface does tend to change its more rough and pitted near traffic lights and junctions but smoother on the open stretches almost glossy in the wet. It was on one of the smoother surfaces that I came off. I'm not opposed to the superhighways just wondering if I should be using a different tyre in the wet when riding on them.
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    Whereabouts on CS8 was this? I've not yet had any problems in the wet beyond the normal road surface *touches wood*. You might have been unlucky, so I wouldn't change tyres because of this incident, unless the incident has compromised the tread of your rear tyre or damaged it in some way.
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  • I travel on CS8 regularly now. I think it's probably the best CS simply for it's continuity, but it does mean more paint. I have no evidence for it, but I also feel that the paint is more slippery than the adjacent tarmac in the wet.

    Personally I wouldn't think about changing tyres for the wetter conditions - I would imagine your rubino pros are fine. I reckon you were unlucky, as you say. Maybe your wheel locked up on some of the white paint, which I reckon is definitely more slippery.
  • cjcp - traveling towards London just after the traffic lights with Claverton Street opposite the Shell Garage - the mini cab turned left into the first side road for the flats. I remember at the time thinking there's no way he's going to get past me and make the turn I assumed at the time he was aiming for the second turning into the flats. The CS8 at this point does seem smoother than other stretches and it was one of my favourite sections this summer.

    I’m using the same tyres in the wet just being more careful on the blue paint - getting to work safely rather than quickly. Though I suspect once the bruise has gone I'll start stepping up the pace again.
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