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Removing a Front Wheel (not a quick release!) on a Hybrid

littleprawnlittleprawn Posts: 135
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I am after some advice. Recently I won a Hybrid bike from a Police auction. The named bike is a Trek T10 NAVIGATOR which I will use for trips into town and for general cycling. My question which may be trivial is about taking off the front wheel off the bike so I can fit the car into my Honda Jazz which I collect the bike this weekend.

The hybrid to my understanding does not have a quick release mechanism and I believe the wheels are secured via nut bolts. When I got my Cannondale CAADX 105 I purchased Scott multi tool for various reasons. I believe I can use the multi-tool to take off the front wheel but I wanted clarity on additional tools to have as back ups in case the multi tool fails and I do not want to waste a long journey to collect the bike in vain if I cannot fit the Trek in the car! I looked at my local Evans cycle web site and wanted your opinion on these tools below and also do you belive I should invest in additional wrenches/ spanners? ... l-ec007566

In the long term, I can see myself being busy learning about fixing/ maintaining bikes. Also, would like a compact tool to supplement my multi tool when I am cycling on the Trek. Look forward from hearing from you tech heads.

Cheers for reading,

Little Prawn
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  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    That tool's (probably) no good, it's for crank bolts. It may be the same size as the nuts on your bike though.
    Some multitools have hex nut spanners built in, you wont know if it's the right size until you try it.

    Take an adjustable spanner. Or take some rope and tie the boot lid down if you can't get the wheel off.

    If you regularly need to remove the wheel then swap it out for one with quick release - is it a 26" wheel? Plenty of folk have older QR wheels they need to get tid of, me included.
  • Thanks for the rope idea! I will bring some along.

    Alternatives as follows:- ... m-ec005481 ... r-ec023587

    I believe the wheels are 700c

    I like the dumbell spanner in particular!

    Not sure of the year of bike but likely 2008/2009 or 2010

    Spec as follows:-
    Cannondale CAADX 5 105
    Trek T10
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the nuts can vary a bit. 15mm is normal.

    any spanner from a set will do. you could get a set for the cost of that tool.
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  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    Remember to unclip the brakes so the wheel will drop out once its undone. And clip them back up again once replaced - I once forgot and its not a nice feeling grabbing a handfull of brake and not slowing down at all!
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  • we've got a Honda Jazz and it will easily take a bike in the back with the "magic seats" either up or down flat.
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