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First bike since I was a child!

rumbatazrumbataz Posts: 796
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I posted this in the MTB section and was advised that I posted in the wrong section. Oops!

I'm looking to buy my first bike since I was a child - a period of around 35 years! I really want something just for recreation and keeping fit with - nothing too serious. I'm on a fairly tight budget (around £500 max excluding accessories). It'll be mostly for road use but I need to feel that i've had a decent workout on it after a ride.

I'm very short in height (just 5' 4") for a man, so I guess frame sizes might be an issue? I'm relatively unfit (although looking to change that very soon).

Any suggestions?


  • Loathed to say hybrid but if it's not just for road use then that's probably a better option.

    If for roads then try to find a Specialized Secteur 2010 Sport base model and you might get one if stretch your budget a little (seen them for £599 here ... GUQ8wIwAA# - great first road bike and in a few months you will either have wasted your dosh and be trying to sell it on ebay or wishing you had spent more on a better bike/upgrading the one you bought anyway!

    If you haven't ridden for 35 years then as long as there are some hills in your area I am sure you will get a work out - and remember if you don't get a work out turn into the headwind and/or go faster!
  • £500 will get you a decent entry level bike, especially if look at some of the deals on 2011 models which are being cleared now, look online as well as LBS & haggle!!!
    Specialised Allez, Giant Defy will both be well within your range, as for height you are going to need a small or even extra small frame, I know Giant is definetly available in both.
    Best advice is that you try a few different bikes to see what suits you best, then get out & enjoy it, fitness will improve dramatically in a very short space of time if you get out often enough.
    Oh & welcome to your new obsession, it gets very addictive-)
  • Rumbataz, there is a raleigh airlite 300 in small on an auction site at the minute i dont know what they are like but as a first bike it might be worth a look, its in wakefield i dont know where you are. its at £120 at the minute with 4 days to go, Gaz
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