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What 'All Mountain' bike?

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At the minute I'm riding a Supreme DH for Downhill duties and I've picked up a Spesh Camber Elite for XC stuff.

Now I'm left with the predicament of feeling like I need another bike that sits between the two - a Mini Downhill/All mountain sort of thing. I'm planning to do some Gravity Enduro's next year and want a bike for those but I also want a bike that I can take anywhere and know that no matter what I discover I'll be able to ride it.

I have a very Downhill style of riding - aggressive, generally quite hard on bikes, so my Spesh with just 120mm of travel won't take the big hits and very rough stuff and I don't want to kill it. I've got a max budget of 3k for a complete build.

I was looking at the new Commy AM 2 but I'm open to suggestions, particularly if there are some bargains out there to be had! Generally I want something that leans more towards the DH side of things as opposed to XC but it should be able to hold its own going up.
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  • Transition Covert or Blindside, depending on how far into the "DH side" you want to lean. The Covert pedals better and is the 150mm do everything bike (as loved by Ric and MBUK) and the Blindside is the 180/190mm travel (adjustable) mountain tamer.

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    I'm biased, but can highly recommend a Santa Cruz Nomad. Pushing the budget a bit but could get a cheaper deal on last years models, ex-demo or used one. Or just try to get the build under £3k. Frame new is £1800. All depends what kit you want on it. Travel is typically 150/160 (sometimes 170), depending on the forks.

    Cracking AM bike with a DH leaning and the VPP stuff is really nice.

    Intense Tracer 2 is also along the same lines (also VPP suspension), though similar price.
  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    I ride a Giant Reign X which is brilliant for this sort of riding. Io do everything from downhill to cross country on mine, it pedals up hills extremely well & takes big hits as well os most freeride bikes.
    Mine wasn't too well built or finished though from new but you can pick one up for £1600 now.
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    nukeproof mega?? seems to be getting rave reviews and you could build a properly bling ride with that budget
  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    There are lots of options...Spicy, Stumpy, Foxy or Dune, Remedy etc etc....or you could opt for a custom build...CRC have some great frames on offer...I got my Tomac from them which is good Irish DH star Dan Sheridan used one in a NPS round...frame £900 upwards inc RP23
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  • +1 for the nomad. Mine was a ex demo that I got for £2700 ( should of cost nearer £4500 ) It had only been out a handfull of times so it was as good as new.
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