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Pyrenees 2012

frosty99frosty99 Posts: 115
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Pyrenees 2012:

Myself and a friend are cycling Roscoff-pyrenees this summer. Just wondering about gearing, I currently have 52-39 12-26 (8 speed) which obviously needs to be changed, but by how much?

We will be travelling fairly light as we will be meeting family down there, one pannier each, maybe two. If I got a compact chainset on the front I would only get one extra gear according to sheldonbrowns gear calculator. So I can get a cheap MTB rear cassette (11-32) and a long cage RD and chain etc, will that give me enough for getting the panniers down to the pyrenees?

We wont actually be climbing anything huge with the panniers because we'll be meeting family etc before the pyrenees proper.

ps This might seem like a silly question but can I just switch my chainrings for a 50-34 without changing the FD?


  • Ye you can change front chainring, same make/model etc. Might have to adjust front mech height on the seat tube.

    As for the rear shimano and SRAM are not compatible when it comes to shifters and mechs. So get same brand rear derailuer as your shifters.
    Cassttes can be either.

    12-32 would give you a good range.

    I've got a salsa Fargo (let's call it sturdy) so I've gone for mtb set up 11-36 cassette and 39/27 chainset for my trip to Pyrenees next year. But we are going fully loaded tents sleeping bags etc.

    Good luck with your ride!
  • frosty99frosty99 Posts: 115
    thanks Olly!! Have a good trip!
  • The BCD for a 52/39 will probably not be compatible with a 50/34, you will probably need to
    get a whole new crankset.
    I thought SRAM and Shimano are compatible, I run Campag which most definitely is not compatible with any thing.
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