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New Bike advice please

BeemerBeemer Posts: 5
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Hi There

I'm a new member so please be gentle :D

I recently had my Cannondale badboy vandalised and is an insurance write off and have been given upto £750 to spend at so am looking for some advise on what to buy.

It will mainly be used to get me to and from the train station, (a couple of miles each way) but occasionally have been known to ride a few trails.

I do have a soft spot for cannondales, for no obvious reason. but have owned a few and always been happy with them. so have mainly been looking at these.

I don't want anything that looks to flash that is going to draw any unwanted attention:

eg i would probably get this if it wasn't white: ... -2012.aspx

I'm not sure if i should get another badboy ... -2012.aspx or ... -2012.aspx or a Quick ... -2012.aspx or go for a hardtail this is top end of the budget ... -2011.aspx

To be honest i know next to nothing about bike except how to ride one and that is debatable.

So just looking for some advise on what i should be looking for beyond the usual brand names.



  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,881
    I personally would go with the Bad Boy 6 from what you listed, nothing thats going to stand out and grab attention but got all the bits you need on it.
    Kazza the Tranny
    Now for sale Fatty
  • Thanks.

    Was leaning towards a hardtail, then buying something cheap and 2nd hand to get me to and from the station. now more confused than ever. decisions decisions!!!
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