naked caad8 corrosion cleaning

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I've just bought a naked Caad8 frame with some corrosion on the rear brake mount. I knew it had this before I bought it, I think its just superficial Al2O3. Anyone have any tips on cleaning this off, please? I am thinking just some manual sanding/wirewool will be better than using any machinery, followed by some Audi branded clear laquer for my car.


  • If the mount is alloy, then it's almost certainly Aluminium oxide (white). Just polish it off with some polishing wool, apply some car wax and polish... don't bother with the lacquer, which will crack as soon as you bolt the brake in place
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  • Thanks, will give it a good go. It is just the brake mount which I guess is made of pretty thick aluminium due to the forces and torques involved.
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    Might seem a daft question but what colour is the corrosion?

    Al and its alloys react very quickly with O2 but form very stable corrosion products which arrest further corrosion, the corrosion products don't lift off like rust on steel, in fact it is very difficult to see that it has corroded at all. This is one of the reasons for using Al.

    If the corrosion is typically orange / brown then it is likely to be corrosion product from the brake spindle when it was in place and not from the bike itself.

    Still need to clean it off and when you reassembly put a little grease on the brake spindle to protect it, for a while anyway.

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