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Cartridge BB - which tool ?

JimboMJimboM Posts: 380
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I've recently been getting a clicking noise from my drive train and as it happens once every revolution and when the peddles are in the same place I sort of suspect it might be the BB. I'm happy to have a go at stripping it down but need to get myself a BB tool and I'm not sure what one I need. The bike is a 2009 Giant FCR3 and the only info I can find is that the BB is a cartridge type, are these all the same and would a standard Shimano type therefore fit

eg ... l-shimano/


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  • It really does depend on the BB on your bike. Can't give you any more without a photo.

    Or try your LBS. Ask for their advice.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    read the info on Parktools. they cover all BBs and list the tools.
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  • Its 99.9% certain that a Giant with a FSA Vero crankset will be fitted with a Shimano (or compatible) UNC cartridge and the standard Shimano TL-UN74-S tool or its equivalent will do the job.
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  • JimboMJimboM Posts: 380
    Sorry guys, sort of forgot about this thread.

    The bike did turn out to have a Shimano style BB, managed to get a Park tool (£6.50) and crank puller (£8) from Halfords !
    Cannondale Synapse 105
    Giant FCR3
    GT Avalanche 3.0
    Canyon Nerve AM 6.0
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