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Winter Jacket for Multi Use

littlescratchlittlescratch Posts: 21
edited November 2011 in MTB buying advice

Just looking to see what other people are rocking in the winter jacket department.

Going out today for a quick burn around the woods on my day off reminded me of how cold it gets in the UK at winter time. Don't know about anywhere else but in the SE it was a bit of a shocking reminder and I couldn't help but dread the early morning frosty starts with my ride to work. That in mind I decided to get myself a new jacket, but the amount of choice and tech details there are is just plain confusing.... If I tell you what I am looking for I wonder if anyone has any suggestions.... thanks in advance.

Soooooo.... What I was looking for is:
* A Jacket for cold mornings and evening rides
* Something I can use for MTB on weekends and evening and ride to work on my cyclo-cross (very cold)
* Doesn't have to be waterproof
* Protects from the wind
* Maybe softshell?
* Can wear about once at work/pub without looking a pratt
* Fitted but not TDF fitted

Price isn't a issue, well it is but I am willing to spend for the right garment.

Looked at the new Intrepid MTB jacket in the recent MTBUK mag and that looked dope but I missed the daily deal on it and seems a lot to pay for a jacket with no windproof panels, that in mind if anyone has one and it keeps them propa warm let me know. Looked at the Altura attack softshell, that looks alright, Endura (Convert Softshell, Stealth Jacket,Windchill Jacket) and the Fox Breakaway. I say looked, I mean saw on the internet....

Anyone got these or can suggest anything else?


  • CoolnickCoolnick Posts: 380
    Take a look at the Endura MT500 long sleeve jersey, a great top that can be worn over base layer to keep most of cold out, looks good, not too fitted but allows for use of a waterproof shell jacket over the top when wet.
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  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    Gore Phantom, absolutely love mine. Really versatile, looks good enough off the bike (but then I'm quite slim anyway). wind proof, water resistant, zip off arms, available in sensible colours or flourescent ones.

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  • hainmanhainman Posts: 699
    i quite like the look of the dhb hooded jacket from wiggle,
    actually looks a cool jacket i'd probably end up buying and not wearing for my bike.have a look in the likes of tk maxx and go outdoors for sales
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  • widge34widge34 Posts: 900
    +1 for the Gore Phantom. Stops the wind which is the most important thing, water resistant (not waterproof) but it will hold out drizzle and showers, just not heavy prolonged rain. It breathes well and if you get too warm the sleeves zip off giving you a Gilet.

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  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    Depends if your not bothered about being bike specific....I have an altura transformer which is great but at £90 fairly expensive....the wife bought me one of these ... re=default
    and to be honest it is a cracker, really warm and smart enough to wear with a pair of jeans....depends if your hung up about brands....
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  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 56,327
    The Endura Stealth should tick all of your boxes. Mine is by far the best jacket I've had and I use it for commuting as well as MTB anytime apart from summer. Not cheap, but worth it.
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  • It breathes well and if you get too warm the sleeves zip off giving you a Gilet. g.gif
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