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Budget first bike

Childs_97Childs_97 Posts: 5
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hi, am looking at buying my first road bike, i am on a very tight budget as a student and so my max would be about £350. i know most would recommend to go second hand but as this is my first bike i would much prefer to get a bike from a shop knowing it is the correct size and setup correctly as i have very little knowledge on bikes.

i think i have narrowed it down to 3 choice, the carrera tdf ( this is a new model just out so was wondering if anyone had any early opinions on the bike) ... zone=PDPz1

the btwin triban 3 ( have heard good reviews of this over the carrera) ... techniques

and finally the ventura protour (this bike does have SORA components but haven't found any reviews on this bike although it is mentioned in a couple of threads on here. does anyone have any experience with this bike and any opinions?) ... 61909.html

i think at the moment im slightly favouring the ventura due to better component

Thanks for any help



  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460

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  • If you can stretch the budget to £395 allterrain have Giant Defy 4, bought one of these (not from allterrain) & for the price they are superb, spec is good at the price & the frame is good & will take upgrades when finances allow
  • Hey, PM sent
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  • Need advice on the same as above, but can't read other people's PMs :mrgreen:

    Any ideas to be shared?

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  • styxdstyxd Posts: 3,234
    Get a 2nd hander, you'll get something smart for £350
  • If you can hold on I would expect some decent prices on bikes close to Xmas/after Xmas.

    I got my Allez 2010 for £380 from Evans (online) on 24th Dec, picked it up in the New Year and its been great.

    I know its above budget, but all I am saying is if you can wait 4/5 weeks you may get a bargain.
  • I have a nearly new Vanquish for sale, £300, located in Bristol or Basingstoke (or anywhere in between)
    Boardman Team Comp
    Boardman CX Team
    Boardman Full Suss Pro
    Brick Lane fixie
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    HI I am in the same boat i need a bike for work and a Ventura Protour sora 2011 has come up for sale, i only need it for work and back, nothing to serious...Does anyone no anything about it or any recommendations? thanks
  • The Decathlon Triban 3 seems to get good reviews for a budget road bike? Carbon fork and Shimano 2300... 10.5kg which aint too bad for £300 notes...
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  • DDSMDDSM Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I've recently started looking into getting a bike for cycling to work and I'm seriously considering buying the Ventura Pro-Tour. I'm on a very tight budget of around 300 squids so does anyone have any solid objections to the ventura??
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