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Christmas - Good riding and nice hotel - advice pls

zznmfczznmfc Posts: 37
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Hi All,

I'm hoping to be in a position to go away for a couple of days between Christmas and New Year for a bit of mountain bike action for me and my wife, plus a decent break in a nice hotel with good food and drink.

The problem is I'm a bit stumped for ideas and was hoping I could get some help from you all.

Couple of points:

Current riding level - happy (sporty) XC'ers, though I'm still recovering from a broken collar bone, so not too hardcore please (my assumption is is will be sorted by then, fingers crossed).

Cost - Higher end would be more preferential as it's also a thank you to said good lady for putting up with me over the last few "grumpy" months of enforced non-riding. :wink:

Location - Whilst I'm happy to travel a bit, we do live in the Guildford area therfore Scotland probably isn't going to fly...

Think that's it - any thoughts both in terms of accommodation and associated rides very much appreciated.

Thanks, Mike.


  • scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300
    North Wales.

    High end accommodation at the Deganwy Quay Hotel on the Conwy river.

    Approx 30 mins from The Marin trail and Penmachno, approx an hour from Coed y Brenin, and some cracking riding on the hills above the coast of North Wales.

    No Brainer. 8)

    I may be able to take you out for a natural ride localy.
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  • tseniortsenior Posts: 664
    even less of a brainer :wink:

    closer to the both the trails scale mentioned. Pricy, but you said high end ..... dinner was seriously good and nice wine list to boot (although it was a few years ago i was there).

    train to betws as well.
  • How about the Long Mynd hotel. Nice hotel on the hills above a quintessential market town with riding from the hotel doorstep. The hotel owner is a keen MTB'er as well, I met him on an Great Rock training course.
  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    You have South Wales which is closer and has some great trails...Afan, Cwm Carn and also the Forest of Dean (you can also hit Brechfa in an hour) are within easy reach from the likes of Cardiff which is also a great night out...

    Take a look at
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  • tseniortsenior Posts: 664
    yeah but pudsey, he said he wanted somewhere nice to take the mrs

    chip alley might not cut it :lol:

    actually i thought of somewhere else: brecon, theres a hotel called peterstone court which had good food and a spa etc.... nicer (IMO) very homely but slightly scruffier oftion is "the old storehouse" nearby....i reckon that would be really cosy in winter and the guy who runs it is a real gent.

    great natural riding in the area too!
  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    i've stayed at the quay hotel in deganwy, very nice :D

    i've stayed at peterstone court also very nice :D

    possibly the celtic manor in newport? or a real nice hotel in between cardiff and swansea is the miskin manor hotel.

    only 20 mins from cwmcarn or about 30 mins from afan
  • Inn at Whitewell in the Forest of Bowland

    Amazingly lovely and chilled out hotel. We stayed there over Xmas last year.

    Great natural trails all around and not too far to Gisburn if you want some trail centre riding
  • zznmfczznmfc Posts: 37
    Folks - thanks for the info, still thinking, though South Wales may be edging it.

    One thing - does anyone know anything about Devon, possibly Haldon Forest?

    Ta, M.
  • just got back from a trip to Afan staying (with the missus) at the Afan Lodge

    we had a brilliant stay there - the lodge is totally geared up (bad pun) for MTBers. Really good hearty food and good value too - would highly recommend a trip there. The trails in Afan are also brilliant and good all year round - just be prepared for the famous Welsh weather!
  • zznmfczznmfc Posts: 37
    Once again thanks ppl.

    Unfortunatley my earlier optimism about getting out at the end of the year has been somewhat dashed by being told I'm going to probably have to stay off my bike for another two months... :evil:

    Suffice to say I'm more thans a little frustrated and disappointed, however I just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions and help.

    Cheers, M.
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