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Which grease for wheel hub bearings?

GussioGussio Posts: 2,452
edited December 2011 in The workshop
Can I re-pack wheel hub bearings with standard teflon grease, or does something special need to be bought?


  • phy2sll2phy2sll2 Posts: 680
    I use the waterproof pink stuff - think we're talking about the same thing!
  • Mr PlumMr Plum Posts: 1,097
    I wouldn't get hung-up about using 'special' bicycle grease. I've repacked bearings with Castrol LM grease before and it's been absolutely fine - happily last a few thousand all-weather commuting miles on cheap hubs.
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  • +1 Pretty much use Castrol LM for everything that requires greasing :shock:
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