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giro monza or atmos?

KulaBenKulaBen Posts: 220
edited November 2011 in Road buying advice
Thinking of buying a new helmet, wondered if anyone had any experience of these. Is the Atmos worth the extra cash over the Monza?

Atmos or Monza? 7 votes

71% 5 votes
28% 2 votes


  • I have an Atmos, it's just a standard helmet... not particularly light or super comfortable over another helmet... so my answer is no, not worth the extra cash. I would however have a look if you can get the Giro ProLight at a decent price as that's a considerable weight save, which will benefit your neck on long rides
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 1,021
    atmos everytime.
    I had a monza for a couple of years. Nothing wrong with it at all - in fact it saved me in a big crash so i retired it & bought an atmos to replace it (Giros seem to fit my head) The Atmos is lighter, much better vented & looks much smarter too.
    I got a second Atmos a couple of months ago from Planey X in their sale for about £80 iirc.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Me too. The Atmos for £70 something in the PX sale I mean.

    Replaced a failed 15yr old MTB helmet, so not much of a comparison, but I find it extremely light, very well ventilated, and so comfy I don't really notice I'm wearing it.

    Looks good too.
  • PhilPubPhilPub Posts: 229
    I've not compared the two but I'm perfectly happy with the Monza after several years' wear, after which the fastening contraption is still working perfectly fine, so it's definitely well constructed. As far as weight goes, it feels pretty light and I don't particularly notice it even on a long ride so assuming it's a good fit in the first place, comfort over extended periods shouldn't be an issue.
  • try these guys ... t_genre=39
    bought my prolight from them - now the price is even lower at sub £70 - why pay the same for an Atmos?
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 1,021
    Mad Roadie wrote:
    try these guys ... t_genre=39
    bought my prolight from them - now the price is even lower at sub £70 - why pay the same for an Atmos?
    the pro light is a different lid to the Atmos & Monza. it is a super light stripped down lid which is a compromise between features, reduced vents lesser spec roclock etc, so a different beast. even when just launched, many pros still wore the Ionis rather than the new pro light so it might not suit all.
  • KulaBenKulaBen Posts: 220
    Thanks all, Atmos on the way. Madroadie it had to come from Evans as I had a voucher and the buggers wouldn't price match myspokes, but thanks for the link. Still, got them down to £100, can't grumble
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