CAAD9 upgrade worth the cash ??

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First post here guys, looking for sound advice please.

Got myself a 2nd hand 2010 caad9 in the summer and love it. Thinking of upgrading the basic Shimano r500 wheels for around £500 but is it worth the money?

Looking through several forums it seems custom builds are the way to go (more wheel for your money), but again will £500 be enough money to make a noticeable difference?

Sorry if i'm repeating the same old question, could use pointing in the right direction.

Any advice appreciated!


  • Garz
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    Yes £500 should get you a far better pair than the r500's. I went for custom built but plenty on here swear by some of the factory options such as fulcrum racing 1's or the Mavic Ksyrium Elite.
  • jgsi
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    If you get on with it, then you can turn it into a sweet competitive machine with upgraded components as the frame is spot on for amateur racing.